Send Document

You can send document to remote sign with this request.
You need to use access token that you've got Authentication section in this request.



POST /api/emailPin/sendDocument HTTP/1.1
Host: ServiceURL
Authorization: Bearer token
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Type: application/json


Parameter Description Mandatory
subject Cancel Document Yes
description Description Yes
ID Identity number such as RUT, DNI, NIF Yes
document Base64 String of document Yes
signerID RUT number of signer Yes
signerEmail Email address of signer Yes
signerFirstname Primer nombre del firmante Yes
signerLastname1 Signer's last name1 Yes
signerLastname2 Signer's last name2 Yes
signIndex Índice de posición de firma No
callbackURL Callback URL of your service No
skipEmail If you set this as true, signer will not receive the email, sign url will be attached in the response. No
emailCopy If you set this as false, the email attached signed document will not be sent. No
deleteAfterSign Please set true if you want to delete from legale after getting back the signed document No
skipNotification If you set this “true”, no notification will be sent after sign. No

If you set callbackURL, you can get signed document with that URL.  Firma legale service will send a request to your callback URL with signed document so that you can get that after signing immediately.  Please see Callback section to get more information

        "subject": "Test document from API to oneshot",
        "description": "Test document from API to oneshot",
        "ID": "11.222.333-4",
        "callbackURL": "",
        "document": "JVBE...",
        "emailCopy": false,
        "skipEmail": false,
        "signerID": "11222333-5",
        "signerEmail": "",
        "signerFirstname": "John",
        "signerLastname1": "Doe",
        "signerLastname2": "Black",
        "signIndex": 1,
        "deleteAfterSign": false,
        "skipNotification": false,




        "success": true,
        "GUID": "82f13f65-7829-4511-92d6-25d9351683ed",
        "debug": ""



        "success": false,
        "GUID": "",
        "debug": "Missing Argument"


Other errors are following typical Restful API rules.