Check Document

You can send document to remote sign with this request.
You need to use access token that you've got Authentication section in this request.



GET /api/legale/legaleDocInfo/{ GUID } HTTP/1.1
Host: ServiceURL
Authorization: Bearer token
Connection: keep-alive



        "success": true,
        "status": "Signed",
        "document": "JVBE...",
        "debug": ""


Estado del documento:

Estado del documento Description
Not Signed Document is not signed yet.
Signed Document is signed. You can get signed document base64 string.
Rejected Document is rejected by legale user. In this case, you can get reason of rejecting with "document".
Deleted Document is deleted by legale user in his inbox.
Singing Document is in signing process now.


        "success": false,
        "status": "",
        "document": "",
        "debug": "Invalid GUID"


Other errors are following typical Restful API rules.